SLT Reverse Directory

SLT Reverse Directory 2.0

Identifies the owner of a telephone number
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Check contacts and identify unknown callers by running a selected phone number through the network database with the utility. It features an input window for the number of any size located in any available region and runs automated scanning process to provide a list of possible contacts.

SLT Reverse Directory - the Sri Lanka Telecom Reverse Directory software for 2009 March.
Simple-to-use, friendly and effective freeware software application.

SLT Reverse Directory allows you to easily and quicklyn find out the owner of the telephone number that you have using this.

SLT Reverse Directory is a light software that you can install on your PC and use it as you want.

Sri lankan one and only reverse directory for SLT customers.

If you cannot get a result for 10 digit number, try with the 7 digit number. (Without the Area Code)

You will need .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to run this program

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